"Empty Table"

At all of our events, you might notice an "Empty Table."  This section explains the significance of this symbolic place setting. 

The "Empty Table" is symbolic of a fallen, missing, or imprisoned service member and is our way of reminding ourselves and our donors alike that, while we strive to help our veteran community, some have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and for their compatriots in arms.  Ultimately, every person who has served in our military may have been called upon to make the same sacrifice.  It is because of this that we are committed to helping those who we can.

Each portion of the "Empty Table" contains symbols that remind us of a fallen, missing, or imprisoned service member.  These symbols include:

 “The Table is small symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner, alone against his or her suppressors.

“The Tablecloth is White, Symbolic of the purity of their intentions to respond to their Country’s call to arms.

“The Single Rose in the vase signifies the blood they may have shed in sacrifice to ensure the freedom of our beloved United State of America. This Rose also reminds us of the family and friends of our missing comrades who keep faith while awaiting their return.

“The Red Ribbon on the Vase represents the red ribbons worn on the lapels of thousands who demand with unyielding determination a proper account of our comrades who are not among us.

A Slice of Lemon on the plate reminds us of their bitter fate.

The Salt sprinkled on the plate reminds us of the countless fallen tears of families as they wait.

“The Glass inverted they cannot toast with us at this time.

“The Chair is empty. They are Not Here.

“The Candle is reminiscent of the light of hope, which lives in our hearts to illuminate their way home away from captors to open arms of a grateful nation.

Ultimately, the "Empty Table" is our way of remembering those who never made it home and is symbolic of our commitment to those who have returned.