How To Get Wyvern Eggs in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth (2024)

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Obtain one of the most powerful beasts that roam the desert with our guide on how to get Wyvern Eggs in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth.

By Shane Moosa |

First Published April 23, 2024, 19:46

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Whendiscussing the new creatures introduced in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth, the Wyvern emerges as a formidable and highly advantageous ally.However, attempting to tame one will prove futile, asthese creatures cannot be tamedconventionally; instead, theymustbe hatchedfrom Wyvern Eggs.

Consequently, it becomes essential to understand how to locate Wyvern eggs within the game.This guideaims to furnish you with the necessaryknowledge toeasilyfind Wyvern eggs, facilitating your Wyvern-taming endeavors in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth.

Here's How To Get Wyvern Eggs In ARK Scorched Earth

As we previously mentioned, Wyvern Eggs are the only waythat you can tame a Wyvern in Scorched Earth, meaning you'll need to hatch the egg and then imprint it to get the creature to recognize you as its owner. So let'sfirst discuss the best location for finding Wyvern eggs, then break down someof thedetails on how to get them as safely as possible (since this can be quite a dangerous undertaking).

Firstoff, the best location for getting Wyvern eggs is inside the Wyvern Scar, which runs from the southwestern side of the map all the way north to the northwestern sideof the map.Once you've found it, we recommend that you start your search on the southern side of thescar, and make sure you're using a flying tame with above-average speed and small size to evade Wyverns and get into tighter spaces in theScar(the Lymantria is a good choice for this).

The next tip we suggest (thoughit'soptional) is to set up a small structure made of large gates orevenbetter, a small house on the southern tip of the Wyvern Scarasit can be used to prevent Wyvernsthat arechasingyou from following you back out.If you find yourself getting cooked by Wyverns in thescar, you can fly back andusingyour smaller tame, get through the gates, but the Wyverns will get stuck on them, allowing you to escape and hide in your house or give you time to run. Again, this isn't entirely necessary, but it's a good option for safety.

Now you're ready to find those eggs, and to do so,simplyfly into theScarfrom the southernmost point and look along the walls for the small caves that have formed there. These will usually contain Wyvern Nests, and while not all of them will have eggs,a largepercentage will, andspecificallythis southern section has roughly seven nests that you can check without putting yourself in too much danger by venturing further into thescar.

Now for thetoughpartwhichis escaping. So once you land and find an egg that you want to steal, be ready to fly away immediatelyasthe moment you take the egg, all of the Wyverns near you will begin toaggro. So as soon as you grab the egg, hop on your flying tame and high tail it back to the gates you setup,or just the closest escape route you've got.

Thankfully, Wyverns have very poor turn radiusessomaking sharp turns when flying can help you avoid some damage, but don't stay too longasmore Wyverns will appear if you don't get away from the ones chasing you as soon as possible. Nowsimply use the gates and house to escape from the Wyverns, or another great strategy is to lead a wyvern chasing you to another dino and it will begin attacking it and stop pursuing you, and from there, you're all set with your brand new Wyvern egg.

Of course,this strategy can be usedmany times to get different breeds of Wyverns (Fire, Lightning, or Poison)andif you'rebraveyou can collect more than one egg at a time. But whenit comes tocollecting them and where to look, the strategy outlined above will work everytime,and guarantee you at least one Wyvern egg.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to get Wyvern eggs in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth. We want to thank YouTuber Teachers Game Too for their video breaking down this Wyvern egg strategyandbe sure to check out their full video showcasing this method above.

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How To Get Wyvern Eggs in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth (7)

How To Get Wyvern Eggs in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth (2024)
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