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The Valkyrie Helms

The illustrious Valkyrie Helm series, most covet them, few own them. What exactly are these highly desired and funky looking hats? What contributed to their hype, and most importantly, how can you get one? Join us as we cover the history and lore behind this series.

What are the Valkyrie Helms?

Out of all the many item series on Roblox, the Valkyrie Helm series remains as one of the most iconic and desired groups of accessories to date. These accessories are modeled after the Valkyrie' Warriors Helmets in Norse Mythology. Worn by the noble warrior maidens serving the god Odin, being sent on the battlefield to select the honorable fallen warriors and grant them their earned place in Valhalla. Some also say inspiration for the Valkyrie helm accessory was taken from the 1999 PlayStation game "Valkyrie Profile", as the helm has a striking similarity to that of the one worn by the character "Lenneth Valkyrie".

Who created the Valkyrie Helm?

The (in)famous intern Clockwork (also known as Alex Quach) created a plethora of assets, such as the iconic Clockwork Shades, Clockwork Headphones, Teapot Turret and of course the Valkyrie Helm. See our The World of Clockworks article for more information on Clockwork.

The ownership of these original items was later transferred to the "Roblox" account due to the anticipated User Generated Content release.

Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (1)
Clockwork, the creator of Valkyrie Helm

The Original Valkyrie Helms

The Valkyrie Helm is one of the most iconic tickets items ever. Being priced at 30,000 tickets, it ranked among the most expensive items that could be purchased permanently using tickets. Only outclassed by Classical Glory, priced at 250,000 tickets; and later Blackvalk priced at 1,000,000 tickets. The Valkyrie Helm was sold 11,412 times before being taken off sale on May 23rd, 2013, - the same day it went limited.

Tickets (Tix):

Tickets are a discontinued currency that were obtained through various methods. Users could receive 10 tickets through daily login; Tickets could also be obtained through place visits, where 1 ticket was obtained per visit. Tickets were able to be traded for Robux with varying exchange rates depending on the state of the market. Eventually, tickets were phased out of the Roblox website and economy during April, 2016, with a special goodbye event called "Tixapalooza".
Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (2)
An image of the original Valkyrie Helm created by clockwork

Valkyrie's Popularity

A pressing question many would have is as to why the Valkyrie Helm became so iconic to begin with. For that, we need to wind the clock back many years to 2008, when we could only wear 3 items at any given time. Thus, items that were more ornate in nature became prevalent.

Valkyrie, being one of the more 'clean' looking items, was frequently combined with fedoras, top hats, and hair. Hair combinations were the primary contributor to the uprise of the "OD'er" culture of 2010-2014. Often combining the hat with the Beautiful Hair for Beautiful people and female hair combinations.

Over the years this hype has continued. After going off-sale on May 23rd, 2013, it subsequently went limited. Traders said it "failed", a term donned for items that were going for less than their original price (30,000 tickets translated to roughly 3,000 R$ at the time).

Valkyrie upon going limited, immediately began selling for 2,100-2,700 R$ due to it's relatively high circulation. This however, did not persist as the community grew and Valkyrie Helm's circulation shrunk. Leading to today, where the series is one of the most iconic parts of (old) Roblox.

Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (3)
Multiple ads throughout the years using the Valkyrie Helm

Valkyrie Helm Variations

Currently there are fourteen standard Valkyrie Helm variants, two unique variants, and four spinoff items called Valkyrie Shades. Six of the fourteen standard Helms are limited.

Group 1

Item Description
Valkyrie Helm Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (4) Originally created by former Roblox intern "clockwork"; Valkyrie helm was published to the catalog January 26th, 2008, with a price of 30,000 Tix. This hat created a legacy and has continued to be prominent in the Roblox community.
Festive Sword Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (5) Festive Sword Valkyrie was originally released in December of 2014. It was the first ever event Valkyrie on Roblox; however it has a different texture than the rest of the Valkyrie Helms (with the exception of Sinister Valk).
Blackvalk Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (6) Blackvalk, originally published to the catalog August 4th, 2013, carried the title of most expensive tix accessory with a price of 1,000,000 Tix until becoming limited. The most expensive title would be taken away during the Tixapalooza event, pushing it to 4th place.

During its time on-sale, Blackvalk was only discounted once, during the President's Day Sale 2015, being changed to 750,000 Tix for a short period of time.

Group 2

Item Description
Tixvalk Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (7) Tixvalk was 500,000 tickets, which translates to 50K Robux, or 30K-40K during the Tixapalooza, event which saw the lowering of conversion rates.
Orinthian Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (8) Orinthian Valkyrie was obtainable via Roblox gift card redemption from 7-Eleven Canada during the month of August, 2017. Orinthian is currently one of the rarest Valkyrie helms in the series with only 50 total owners.
Sparkle Time Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (9) Sparkle Time Valkyrie, released November 17th, 2017 for 250,000 Robux with a two-day timer. It holds the record for highest initial release price out of the entirety of the Valkyrie series.

Group 3

Item Description
Violet Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (10) Violet Valkyrie, released on the 19th of February, 2018, is currently the most expensive on-sale Valk, with a selling price of 50,000 Robux. It has been speculated that the Violet Valkyrie's color scheme is based on the colors worn by famous administrator, "Brighteyes". The main reason users have associated this Valk with Brighteyes is because the initial leak was named "Brighteyes' Valkyrie".
Red Valk Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (11) Published to the catalog November 14th, 2019, Red Valk is the only Valkyrie on this list that can be obtained through Roblox Toy Codes. Starting on the 4th of January, 2019, this Valk became obtainable as a "Chaser Code" in Action Series 5 and Celebrity Series 3. Red Valk is still obtainable to this day!
Sinister Valk Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (12) Sinister Valk is a retexture of Festive Sword Valk. The Make-A-Wish Foundation awarded this item to Emerald_ite in January of 2019, making them the only owner of this unique Valkyrie Helm variant!

Group 4

Item Description
Emerald Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (13) Emerald Valkyrie was published to the catalog February 18th, 2019, and was put on-sale specifically for the Presidents' Day 2019 sale. It could be purchased for 45,000 Robux on a timer of twelve hours, and had a limited stock of only 50 copies.
Summer Valk Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (14) Summer Valkyrie is the second currently on sale valk on this list, for a whopping 25,000 Robux! Released August 31st, 2019, and featured in the labor day sale, it uses an entirely unique mesh than both the original Valkyrie Helm, and the Festive Sword Valkyrie mesh.
Ice Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (15) Ice Valk was released on the 30th of November, 2019, as part of the Blackfriday Sale. Priced at 20,000 Robux with a timer of 2-days. Similar to Emerald Valkyrie, Ice Valkyrie was also released during a period of time with few limited releases.

Group 5

Item Description
Valkyrie of the Metaverse Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (16) Valkyrie of the Metaverse is the second and final Valkyrie to be obtainable in an event for free. It was released in 2021 for the Metaverse Champion event, obtained by collecting all of the launcher boxes as well as admin, star creator, and MVP launcher boxes.
Valiant Valkyrie of Testing Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (17) Valiant Valyrie is one of multiple accessories given to members of the Quality Assurance team over the years. According to a reliable source who was part of the team, Valiant Valkyrie was given to all NDA testers before the program was terminated. This is the only Valkyrie in the series that features particle effects!

Honorable Mentions

Catalog accessories following the theme of the Valkyrie series with unique meshes and design. These accessories and their names connect to the main series and add some background / story to the originals and their concept.

Item Description
Ornate Valkyrie Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (18) Published to the catalog on the 10th of March, 2010, with a price of 500 Robux. Ornate Valkyrie is the first "spin-off" of accessories related to the series.
Valkyrie 3000 Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (19) Valkyrie 3000 was released to the catalog March 7th, 2012, with a stock of 950 copies and a selling price of 250 Robux.

The Valkyrie Shades

A sub series of the popular Valkyrie Helm and it's counterparts; Valkyrie shades are an entirely new mesh that uses the theme of the original series as well as the color schemes of popular releases from the main series.

Item Description
Valkyrie Shades Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (20) The first of the Valkyrie Shades series was, as the name suggests, the Valkyrie Shades themself which were published on July 24th, 2014, with a mere 3 hour timer and a price of 3,000 R$. It generated just a small number of sales when the timer ended, with only 330 units sold.
Blackvalk Shades Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (21) Second came the Blackvalk Shades, vastly more popular due to being a Limited on the Catalog, released on August 29th, 2014. Being sold at 3,000 R$ for a period of 3 hours, It sold 1,287 copies before the timer ended.
Violet Valk Shades Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (22) Third is the Violet Valk Shades, published 4 years later on the 27th of May, 2018, as part of the Memorial Day sale. With a 1-day timer and priced at 3,000 R$, It sold 2049 copies before the timer ended.
Emerald Valk Shades Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (23) The final member of the series is Emerald Valk Shades, published on May 25th, 2019, as part of the Memorial Day 2019 sale. These shades were able to be purchased for 2,000 R$ on a 12-hour timer.

Unfortunately, during the time the catalog was experiencing bugs and the timer did not properly end after 12 hours. Leading to 5,019 copies being sold.

Emerald Valkyrie Shades became limited February 8th, 2023.

How can you get your hands on one of these items?

When talking about acquiring the funds to buy or trade for one of these items it's never an easy route. Some choose to spend their development money on these elusive items, whereas others simply trade for their wealth, for which you can use the Rolimon's Trading Terms Guide in order to learn more.

Origins of The Roblox Valkyrie Helms | Rolimon's (24)
Purchases made by the developer of Ragdoll Engine


At the end of the day, it all boils down to the popularity of this series. Some despise them, others love them a great deal. But one thing is certain; the Valkyrie series is going strong and continues to be an iconic piece of Roblox history.


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