Premier Whitetail Hunt Farm on the Ninnescah River | Sumner County | Peck, KS (2024)


Not often does a hunting farm with these qualities come to market, especially one that is 20 minutes from the heart of Wichita, Kansas! A quick glance at the satellite imagery of this property and any deer hunter will jump at the opportunity to hunt this place!

Location is everything and this piece of Ninnescah River bottom ground will be hard to beat for a nonresident hunter or family that resides in the Wichita metro. Lying just west of Peck, Kansas along the northern edge of Sumner County, this 228-acre property consists of roughly 105 acres of drillable crop ground with the remaining 123 acres being mature timber and early succession edge habitat.

The seclusion provided by this tract's relative positioning is a key component in creating an incredible deer hunting paradise. Travel one mile down a dead-end road then turn off and head down a two-track that stops at the gate to this property. Access comes in from the northwest corner and you can drive a pickup or UTV around the entire perimeter of the crop ground. Given the layout of the land, there are abundant treestand and blind locations to hunt in winds of all directions.

Let's circle back to the satellite imagery and take notice of how this property sits on the inside of a horseshoe bend in the river. Within all that cover provided by brushy pastures and mature timber is 105 acres of crop production. You have all the food! The western field is composed of Class 1 and Class 2 loam soils while the eastern field has more marginal Class 4 loamy sand soil. The current tenant is practicing no-till planting as any responsible crop producer should when farming this close to a major waterway. Wheat and double-crop soybeans are the current cash crops being produced with more crop diversity to be added in the future. The current landowners are share cropping on a 1/3 - 2/3 basis and average yearly income is substantial. Any wheat planted this fall will be harvested in June and proceeds will stay with the current owners.

Another thing to take notice of is the large amount of hardwood timber and perennial cover on this property. Over a mile of riparian timber runs along the western, southern, and eastern boundaries of the land. Just under a mile of Ninnescah River frontage is provided as well. All this cover provides bedding, staging areas, and an incredible travel corridor for whitetail deer. After a morning of boots-on-the-ground scouting, loads of deer sign was located on all areas of the property. Dozens of scrapes along field edges, countless rubs, and game trails that you could walk for hours upon hours. It is safe to say that the deer density along the river is very high! This property is located in Deer Management Unit 15. The large trees also create roost locations for the Rio Grande turkeys that work up and down the river drainage. If you are a duck hunter, the river access gives you a great late-season spot to hunt when nearby ponds and lakes freeze up. Take one drive around the south side of Wichita in December or January and you will see the vast number of waterfowl that use this flyway.

If you are in need of somewhere to stay, then this place has you covered! There are two trailer homes on the land, both having water wells and septic tanks. They would make for perfect hunting cabins for you and a couple of your buddies. There is also a wood-framed, metal building with electricity and a concrete floor that can be used to store agricultural equipment, off-road vehicles, and hunting gear! While not quite turnkey, this property is well on its way to becoming just that. A little cleanup and TLC will have the living quarters and storage building ready for any occasion! If you somehow manage to miss your alarm for a morning hunt, simply sit out on the back deck and see what strolls through the yard. Lots of time and effort was put into the improvements over the current period of ownership. The existing owners have enjoyed hunting and managing this land for nearly 40 years!

Trail cameras are currently running on the property and wildlife pictures will be updated as they become available.

Please call or email the listing agent, Tyler Gentry, at (316) 641-3173 or to set up your private showing of this property! Access to this tract is very private so please call the listing agent before attempting to view it.

- 228 +/- Total Acres

- Ninnescah River Frontage

- Mature Timber

- Drillable Crop Ground

- Incredible Deer and Turkey Hunting

- River Duck Hunting

- High-Quality Wildlife Habitat

- Private and Secluded Access

- Mineral Rights Intact and Transfer at Sale

- Taxes: $ 610 (2021)

- 20 minutes to Wichita, KS

- 30 minutes to ICT Airport

- 2 hours, 20 minutes to Oklahoma City, OK

- 2 hours, 30 minutes to Tulsa, OK

- 3 hours, 15 minutes to Kansas City, KS

Premier Whitetail Hunt Farm on the Ninnescah River | Sumner County | Peck, KS (2024)
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