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Aspen DMC3 Builder, Aspen Event Analytics, Aspen GDOT, Aspen Hybrid Models for Aspen Plus, Aspen Hybrid Models for HYSYS, Aspen Hybrid Models for PIMS-AO, Aspen InfoPlus.21, Aspen Mtell, Aspen Unified GDOT Builder, Aspen Unified Multisite for PIMS, Aspen Unified PIMS, Aspen Unified Scheduling

Last Updated:03-Nov-2022

Last Updated:03-Nov-2022

aspenONE V12 release includes many innovations that can help your company increase operational excellence and margin capture by democratizing the application of AI and leveraging the cloud for enterprise scale. For aspenONE V12 press releaseclick here!

This solution provides all the resources that includes what’s new in aspenONE V12 and everything you needed to get started with aspenONE V12.

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What's New in aspenONE V12?

aspenONE Engineering

AI Model Builder:Hybrid models use machine learning to create a model leveraging simulation or plant operations data, while using domain knowledge including first principles and engineering constraints to build an enriched model, without requiring the user to have modeling expertise or become an AI expert. Learn more

Aspen Capital Cost Insights:This is a new capital project management solution that provides visualization and workflow management, connecting data across the enterprise and providing users with actionable information that fosters collaboration. Check out the Video

Aspen Multi-Case: Allows users to run cases concurrently on their own computersusing multiple computing cores or using high performance supercomputing for even faster runs. Comes with built in data analysis and visualization tools to help evaluate the results and validate design criteria.Find out more

aspenONE Engineering eLearning: Starting from aspenONE V12 gain expertise and improve your knowledge by accessing all engineering eLearning content directly from Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Capital Cost Estimator and Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating. In addition, Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS are equipped with In-context guidance that provides right information at the right time.

aspenONE Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Aspen Batch APC: IntroducingAdvanced Process Control solution for batch processes in aspenONE V12. Utilize web-based workflows that guides users to configure, simulate and deploy the APC Batch application to the online environment. Watch video for more details

Aspen Deep Learning in Aspen DMC3 Builder: Maintain tighter quality control and reduce lab work with accurate real-time estimates of infrequently measured properties using powerful deep learning technology embedded in new aspenONE V12 Aspen DMC3 Builder. Learn more

Aspen Unified Platform: Aspen Unified is the next-generation planning and scheduling solution that enables companies to increase margins and save time by coordinating siloed business processes for better efficiency across the petroleum value chain. It is web-based, fully cloud-enabled, and device agnostic. Watch video to know more

Aspen InfoPlus.21 Collaborative: Collaborative is a High Availability solutionthat leverages load balancing and data replication. With Collaborative, you can manage large data loads and achieve non-disruptive upgrades, all while continuing to monitor and analyze your critical plant data. Watch video to learn more.

aspenONE Asset Performance Management

Aspen Mtell: Improve experience of creating and maintaining agents to protect your assets with aspenONE V12 MTell. Use Time range striping for faster data specification, fast and easy hierarchy management and more. Watch Aspen Mtell V12 New Features video for more details

Aspen MTell Maestro: Maestro is a breakthrough in putting data science in the hands of process engineers. Maestro tackles the three biggest barriers to do successful data analysis: Data selection and cleaning; Identifying input variables and Creating context by incorporating domain expertise into Agents. Learn more

Aspen Event Analytics: Aspen Event Analytics is our new cloud-native (SaaS), self-service analytics application that enables all front-line workers to gain rapid insights and respond to daily plant events. Watch video to know more.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to get started with aspenONE V12

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