Technology - Jefferson County School District (2024)

Technology - Jefferson County School District (1)

Mrs. Danielle Pullen

Technology Coordinator

Technology - Jefferson County School District (2)

Mrs. Deedra Hillard

Instructional Technology Coordinator

Technology Support

  • Student Technology Support Path
  • Teacher Technology Support Path
  • Technology Department vs. Instructional Technology

Student Technology Support Path

Read about the support paths for Studentson the Digital Resources Page, under Student Technology Support. Remember that teachers should use school-specific protocol for requesting technical support for student devices via School Dude or reach out to the Instructional Technology department (Deedra Hillard) for content support.

Student technology support is provided by classroom teachers. Each school has a plan for teachers to follow if additional support is needed.

Review the JCS Device Troubleshooting Tipsfor steps for guidance. If the solution is not found in the tips: Traditional Learners: Check with your teacher or Media Specialist for your school's procedure. JCVA Learners: Use the link at the top of the JCVA webpage to request support or additional information.

Teacher Technology Support Path

Enter a ticket in School Dude IT Direct. Entering a ticket into School Dude IT Direct is the quickest way to get help with a technology related problem. You can enter the ticket yourself and track the progress online. The School Dude link is available in you Classlink Launchpad.

Technology Department vs. Instructional Technology

Q: How do I know when to contact the Technology Department vs. the Instructional Technology team?

A: Use the Technology Help Services guidance below to help you determine if you should submit a School Dude Ticket for Technology Support or reach out to the Instructional Technology team,

Technology FAQs for Staff

  • Change Passwords
  • Learn More about Technology Resources
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Student Accounts (Classlink, Aspen, O365, etc.)
  • Special Events

Change Passwords

Q: How do I change my computer password?

A:Log onto a Windows 10 or Windows 7 computer connected to the Jefferson County network. Once logged in you can press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select change password. Enter your old password and then the new password you want to change it to. Passwords must be a minimum length of 8 characters and should contain at leastthreeof the following: 1 capital letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, or 1 symbol.

Q: How do I change my email password?

A:Yourcomputer and email password are the same. When you change you computer password you email password automatically update within a few minutes..

Learn More about Technology Resources

Q: Where can educators learn more about integrating technology into teaching and personalized learning practices?

A: Professional Development Opportunities are available through the Instructional Technology Department throughout the year in face-to-face, online, and blended learning sessions through the Instructional Technology Department. Educators may also contact Amy Sharp or Deedra Hillard for specific individual, small group, PLC, or school-wide training needs.

Q: Where can I find tools and resources for my classroom or family?

A: District provided resources are available to students and staff via the Classlink App Launcher. A link to the Classlink App Launcher is available in the header of all school and district webpages. Information about additional resources may be found in the Classlink Public Portal. The link to this portal is also available via the Privacy Policy Page which may be accessed from the footer of all school and district webpages.

Microsoft Office 365

Q: How do I set up email groups/lists in Office 365?

A: Groups and lists are not the same.

Groups vs. Email Contact Lists in Office 365:
  • Groups are used for collaboration projects, NOT for sending emails to predetermined groups of people.
  • Contact Lists are used to send emails to predetermined groups of people.

Use the following steps to create Email Contact Lists in your Office 365 Account. For additional supportlink here to a step-by-step guide that includes images.

  • Click on the Waffle and then People.
  • Click on the down arrow next to "New" and select Contact List.
  • You can then name the list and add members. Make sure to save when you finished.
  • You then select this contct list and send email to the members.

Student Accounts (Classlink, Aspen, O365, etc.)

Q: How can I access Classlink, the student and staff portal?

A: Classlink should launch automatically on student and staff devices. If not, you can use the Classlink icon located in the upper right corner of all school and district webpages or user the JCS-specific URL:

Students log in with their JCBOE credentials. Usernames do NOT include the Domain portion of the email, just the portion before the @. Check with your child's teacher for additional information.

The Classlink app is also available for iOS and Android devices. Simply search the app store for ClassLink and then select the Jefferson County Schools option.

Q: How long will it take for student accounts to be established once they are enrolled as a new student in the district?

A: Typically, all student accounts are created overnight if the student is enrolled before 3:30 pm.

If one or more of the student accounts are not created, submit a School Dude Direct Ticket that includes the student's name and the accounts that were not created.

Special Events

Q: How do I get technology set up for special events at my school?

A: Enter a ticket in School Dude IT Direct 7 days prior to your event.

School and District Websites

District and school websites are maintained by the following people. Questions, concerns, and articles/images should be directed to school webmasters for school website needs and to the district webmaster for district website needs. School needs that are not met may be elevated to the district webmaster.

School and District Webmasters
Dandridge Elementary SchoolDarla Lewis
Jefferson County High SchoolTeresa Adams & Katie Martin
Jefferson County Virtual AcademyMorgan Weaver
Jefferson Elementary SchoolMelissa Hale
Jefferson Middle SchoolChris Justice
Maury Middle SchoolJeff Smith
Mt. Horeb Elementary SchoolKelly Rogers
New Market Elementary SchoolTaira Gladwin
Piedmont Elementary SchoolTraci Bales
Rush Strong SchoolKaren Smith
Talbott Elementary SchoolPam Murph
White Pine SchoolCasey Nash
Jefferson County School DistrictAmy Sharp
Technology - Jefferson County School District (2024)
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